Dare usually forms negatives and questions like an ordinary verb and is followed by an infinitive with to. It is most common in the negative:

I didnít dare to ask.

He wont dare to break his promise.

You told him? How did you dare?

I hardly dared to hope sheíd remember me.

In positive sentences a phrase like not be afraid is often used instead:

She wasnít afraid (= she dared) to tell him the truth.

It can also be used like a modal verb especially in present tense negative forms in BrE, and is followed by an infinitive without to:

I darenít tell her the truth.

In spoken English, the forms of the ordinary verb are often used with an infinitive without to:

Donít you dare tell her what I said!

I didnít dare look at him.

                                                                                           see: ALD, seventh edition 2005