10. - How long have you been with Marson & Mills Ltd.?

- It's nearly a year since I have started, and I am still vividly remembering my first day at work.

Mrs Fleming, who herseif had been working for the firm since 20 years, gave me a very warm

welcome and showed me round the office. One of the most essential things I was explained was

how to operate the coffee machine. Unfortunately, Mrs Fleming has now retired, and her Job is

believed not to be refilled until next year.

11. It's the first time Lukas Vondracek is performing in America. The audience are not noticing

that he is nervous. 9-year-old Lukas is a Professional. After all, he plays the piano since he has

been two. He could read music before he could read books. Now he can write music, too. Lukas

is believed to become "a second Mozart".

12. -1 was going to see Mr McCann about the room yesterday, but first I forgot and then, later in

the evening, I didn't dare disturbing him at home.

- If you want, I'm going to ask his wife when I'll see her at church tonight.

- That sounds like a good idea. You mustn't, Linda, but of course I were grateful if you did.