7. Have you heard of that small Indian restaurant in town which had opened some weeks ago?

It's so popular that it's difficult to get in. Last night we could finally get a table. The food was

tasting delicious: hot and spicy but mild and creamy at the same time. I have never had anything

quite like it before. You shall go there some time, but if I would be you, I'd book in advance.

8. When Lucy finished school, she didn't know what to do next. Her parents suggested her to go

abroad and work as an au-pair for a year. "When you will have been away," they said, "you

might have a clearer idea of what you want to do."

So Lucy went to Canada, and while she was there, she has never doubted her decision. She

realized that she liked working with children and decided that after that year she was studying to

become a primary-school teacher.

9. Have you heard of the little girl who's gone ice-skating and fell through the ice? She'd hardly

stepped on the ice when it broke under her weight. Luckily, a man passing by realized that

something is wrong, grabbed the girl and could pull her out of the freezing water. If he wouldn't

have reacted so quickly, the poor girl may have drowned!