4. - Last night we could finally persuade Susan and Tim to tell us their big secret. They said they

get married in May.

- It's about time they do. After all, next month they have been a couple since ten years.

5. It was the third time Carol took her driving test. As she had already failed twice, she wasn't

sure at all that she will pass this time. She had the feeling there were so many things about the car

that she had never been explained. - When the test was over Carol didn't dare looking at her

driving instructor as she feared that she had failed again. She must have been relieved when he

congratulated her and said, "Third time lucky - but why were you so nervous? You mustn't have

been nervous aqs you did really well today."


6. Yesterday morning, just before she must leave for work, Jane looked out of the window and

realized that it rained heavily.

"Do you know where my umbrella may be?" she asked her husband, "I can't find it anywhere."

"I haven't seen it since we've been to that Italian restaurant in Market Street on Saturday. You

might have left it there. I'm ringing them later today in order to check."