PART 3B GRAMMAR: Spot the mistakes. (2 paragraphs = 10 points): Decide what is wrong in the following texts. Underline the mistakes and correct them. Leave the correct words and passages unchanged.

1.      - Karin has been in England since a few months. Last summer she has suddenly decided to go

and spend a term at Leeds University.

- Has she been in touch with you?

- Yes, I've had a couple of emails since she's left.

- When is she coming back?

- In March, I'm thinking. She says she'd like to travel around in Britain before she will return.

2. When a friend suggested Steven to contact a fortune-teller, he went to see Madame Claire

Voyant. She told him he should soon be one of the richest men in the country. Steven wondered

how that can possibly happen but, not wishing to push his luck, he didn't dare asking. He put

200 pounds on the table and was then dashing off to tell his friends.

3. It's the first time that Pete Sutton is talking on the radio. Until he has retired 10 years ago, he

was used to be a private detective. He was having his own agency and dealt with countless

interesting cases. Pete, now 75, says that if he would have to choose a career again, he would

always want to be a detective.