DOLLARS FOR THE DUKE , by Barbara Cartland 

[the very end]

. "I ... I want to be ... close to you," Magnolia whispered breathlessly. "Much ... much ... closer ... please ... darling ... wonderful Seldon ... make me  
      your wife ... your... real wife."

The Duke made a sound of triumph. Then he turned out the lights except one, and pulling off his blue robe he slipped into bed beside her.

He took her in his arms.

"It is rather late to say this now, my adorable one," he said, "but I did promise I would not touch you until you asked me to do so."

Magnolia gave a laugh of sheer happiness which swept away her shyness. Then, moving nearer to the Duke than she was already, she whispered:

"Touch me, please ... please touch me ... only, Seldon ..."

"Only what?"

"You make me feel ... so strange ... so excited."

That is what I want you to feel," the Duke said, "and if I excite you, my beautiful little wife, you excite me to madness."

His voice was deep with passion but he checked himself to add:

"But I will be very gentle. You must not let me frighten or shock you."

      As he spoke, he pulled away her nightgown from her shoulders and his hand was touching her breast.

"I love ... you!" Magnolia cried. "I love you and everything you do ... will be perfect and ... also ... divine."

"I love you! I adore you! I worship you!" the Duke cried.

Then their hearts were beating against each other's and his kiss was that of a fighter, a conqueror who had fought against tremendous odds and was the victor.

Yet he was very gentle as she surrendered herself to the insistence of his mouth, his hands, and his body.

Then love carried them on the waves of ecstasy into the starlit sky, and they knew that nothing mattered except that as a man and woman they   
      were one now and through all eternity.

        THE END!         [and about time, too!]